EPiActive Healthcare is a Sydney based team of passionate Exercise Physiologists in Active Healthcare.

  • Who are we?

    Accredited Exercise Physiologists  committed to providing optimal and sustainable health & well-being to ALL individuals, in particular those affected by lifestyle-related illness, chronic disease & injury.

    Accredited Exercise Scientists providing elite level training for peak physical and athletic performance.

    Health Promotion  advocates engaging in communities throughout Australia via targeted education and health promotion initiatives.

  • Philosophy

    In todays modern society, the terms ‘healthy’ and ‘fit’ are used interchangeably – often to the detriment of a more practical understanding of what it actually means to be ‘healthy’.

    EPiActive Healthcare’s goal is to ‘Make healthy the new fit’ whereby people strive to obtain greater control of their own health & well-being by keeping free from lifestyle-related illnesses and disease, by promoting an active & health-conscious lifestyle. Increasing the awareness of health risks, healthy practice & providing simple education for a better understanding of the key indicators of ‘health’ is paramount to EPiActive Healthcare’s mission. By doing so, we hope to have a positive impact on the health of the wider community by decreasing the incidence of illnesses & disease across Australia.

  • What We Do

    We are passionate & experienced health professionals who strive to improve the overall health of individuals and manage ‘at-risk’ populations through the identification and implementation of appropriate lifestyle intervention. We aim to identify barriers & create suitable pathways to enable people to live longer, healthier, happier & have a better Quality of Life.

    We provide personalised guides and detailed exercise programming for individuals of all ages, experience & health status to help reach their most optimal level of health & fitness.

We aim to Educate, Motivate, Facilitate & Empower
ALL individuals to practice healthier lifestyle habits for a living.

Educate children, adolescents, middle-aged and the elderly, social groups, communities & corporations of the importance and benefits of practising ‘healthy’ lifestyle habits. Promote the benefits of simple lifestyle intervention to minimise the risk of injury, illness and disease…

MOTIVATE and inspire individuals through example of the benefits of physiological change via simple intervention. To promote the benefits of healthier living, and the ease of application to incorporate these practices into their own lifestyle…

FACILITATE tailored ‘exercise’ programs and physical activities with sustainable nutritional habits and dietary choices…

EMPOWER every individual to make the correct choices, through better informed decisions to optimise health and wealth being.


Our qualified & experienced team of professionals are here to support you reach your goals every step of the way

James Nolan

Bachelor of Exercise Physiology, UNSW
Accredited Exercise physiologist, AEP, ESSAM
Accredited Exercise Scientists, AES, ESSAM
Master of Public Health (MPH) specializing in Health Promotion, UNSW

James is the founder of EPiActive Healthcare. Over the past 12 years James has worked in a variety of clinical, health, & fitness settings to set him up where he is today. His experience and genuine passion for improving the health of each of his clients and community groups alike, is a key ingredient in EPiActive Healthcare’s vision to become a leading advocate for Health Promotion and national provider of active healthcare within Australia.

Tom Symonds

Bachelor of Exercise Physiology, UNSW
Accredited Exercise Physiologist, AEP, ESSAM
Accredited Exercise Scientists, AES, ESSAM

Tom has spent the past 10 years as a professional sportsman playing at the highest level in both Australia & England. His experience and exposure to elite level & performance-based training has given EPiActive Healthcare invaluable insight into getting the best out of our clients and sports people. His active involvement in injury management and rehabilitation also makes him a very valuable asset to the EPiActive Healthcare team.

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