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Gearing up for my 15th season of NRL I knew I needed to do a little extra in the off-season

Gearing up for my 15th season of NRL I knew I needed to do a little extra in the off-season to keep up with the young fella’s. James from EPiActive was able to maintain a level of fitness with me while giving my body enough rest to recovery properly during that phase. He also was great at managing my injuries from over the years as we worked to restore some of my foundation strength and movement synergies I had neglected over time. He know’s how to keep the training varied too which definitely helps after a long season of routine

John Sutton, 33 - (NRL) South Sydney premiership winning Captain

I mean it from bottom of my heart when I say that EPiActive Healthcare has changed my life!

For the majority of my life I have been very over-weight. I can openly say now that I wasted over 20 years hiding from the world because of who and what I had become. I mean it from bottom of my heart when I say that EPiActive Healthcare, and in particular James, has changed my life! Apart from the 40 kgs – cannot believe that – that I’ve lost, I have learnt so much about how to live better, healthier, and have a brand new outlook and appreciation for life. I had my obstacles when I first started this journey obviously, I was scared and intimidated to say the least. But the transition into this new life and the understanding of James in helping me to realise this dream has been nothing short of amazing and I cannot thank him enough. Its been less than 2 years and I know that this is only the beginning, it’s what keeps me going every day knowing how much happier I now am in myself.

Jane, 47 - Mascot

EPiActive reignited a fire in my belly for life, and being active! 

EPiActive Healthcare changed my life. I started this journey when I was depressed meaning I was on medication, had little energy, and I thought things were looking pretty grim. EPiActive reignited a fire in my belly for life, and being active! I had tried other gyms, group training, and PT’s, all to the encouragement of James at the time – yet admittedly I found myself coming back as I gained a great appreciation for the service I was receiving at EPiActive Healthcare. It may seem silly but I feel I have watched myself surpass those around me, physically, I receive compliments regularly, I feel stronger and more steady than I ever have…. it really has changed me. I am now looking to challenge myself each year and my holiday destinations are endless given my newfound physical ability. I am a happy client of EPiActive Healthcare yes!

Anita, 63 - Bondi Junction

After 12 months we literally achieved every goal we set!

For years I watched my body slowly breakdown on me. I had had 4 knee surgeries, no bicep in one arm, I couldn’t bend down any more, walking was becoming a proper issue & I knew I was less active than I’d ever been. What got to me was I couldn’t see myself growing up with the kids the way I was going. And my weight, my weight and eating habits had properly spiralled out of control. I was referred to James through a friend and it was a decision I couldn’t regret. After 12 months we had literally achieved every goal we set out to. I didn’t have to do ‘diets’ as such, I just become increasingly “conscious” (as James constantly puts it) of my habits day to day, day to day, & day to day. I didn’t feel restricted at all. James found a range of ways for me to exercise at an intensity I was comfortable with, & I found myself loving being back doing boxing, weights training, RUNNING!!, & all things I thought were well past me. I lost 16.4kg in under 12 months and am back leading a healthy lifestyle. I’m coaching the kids sport teams once again, running, and moving like I hadn’t in years. I eat what I want, when I want, but I now know how to do so, so that I can continue to remain a healthier me & not go back to those darker days. If I was to say anything it’s that I feel I re-learnt how to be healthy again, even while being a full-time working Dad of 2.

Alan, 48 - Maroubra

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